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UNIFORM-1: First Micro-Satellite of Forest Fire Monitoring Constellation Project

By Shusaku Yamaura, Seiko Shirasaka, Takashi Hiramatsu, Miki Ito, Yuta Araki, Kikuko Miyata, Tomomi Otani, Naoko Sato, Hiroaki Akiyama, Tetsuya Fukuhara, Koji Nakau, Yoshihiro Tsuruda, Jun’ichi Takisawa, Shinichi Nakasuka, Kohei Tanaka and Keisuke Maeda


UNIFORM Project had started in November 2010 with its vision of constructing sustainable micro-satellite constellation system via cooperation with various countries. International collaboration and actual utilization of the system are the keys of the project for realizing sustainable space industry. Forest fire monitoring was selected as the first mission. UNIFORM-1 is the first micro-satellite, weighing 50kg with 50cm cubic size, in this project and launched on May 24th, 2014 by H-IIA rocket as a secondary payload. UNIFORM-1 carries two cameras of area sensor: uncooled microbolometer camera and visible light camera. Both have GSD of less than 200[m] and swath is about 100km. These two cameras are used for localization of heat anomaly spots. The acquired image will be overlaid on global map to generate a “forest fire map” which will be released so that local fire department of the concerning country can take action promptly and extinguish forest fire. Other key features of this satellite are following: 3-axis control with reaction wheels, deployable solar array panel wings, lithium ion battery, and 10Mbps X-band transmitter for mission data. Design and test result of UNIFORM-1 flight model is explained in detail in this paper. As the result of initial operation of five days after launch, image of infrared camera was successfully acquired

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