Audio Streaming System Using Real-Time Transport Protocol Based on Java Media Framework


Audio streaming is an important component of multimedia networking applications.Today’s Internet, however, offers only poor support for such streams due to the lack of the bandwidth and network traffic problems. The work presented in this thesis discusses the problems of real-time audio streaming and investigates solutions for improving the audio data transmitting over the network.To achieve audio media data transmitting over the network in an efficient manner (realtime), the following issues: Initial delay of playing time (downloading time); current streaming protocols which can not cope well with network congestion; compression algorithms efficiency; network bandwidth utilization (network infrastructure); and security concerns of content owners, need to be considered.In this thesis, the implementation method of a real-time audio streaming service system is discussed. The performance of the system implementation both in terms of resulting packet loss, initial delay and delay jitter is presented. This thesis describes audio streaming transmission protocols that are used to implement the system, the system architecture and how the system investigates and addresses the previous issues. A design proposal was outlined to provide an adaptive client/server approach to stream audio contents using Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) involving architecture based on the Java Media Framework (JMF) Application Programmable Interfaces (API).RTP protocol is the Internet-standard protocol for the transport of real-time data, including audio and video and can be implemented by using Java Media Framework (JMF). Java Media Framework library and the RTP protocol for audio transmission were used as development tools.The developed system designed in this thesis together with experimental results proved that the system could be implemented successfully. A prototype of the developed system has been implemented and experiments over the Laboratory Local Area Network (LAN)and UPM campus LAN to investigate the issues mentioned before

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