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Radial single point rupture solutions for a general MEMS model

By Marius Ghergu and Yasuhito Miyamoto


We study the initial value problem $$ \begin{cases} r^{-(\gamma-1)}\left(r^{\alpha}|u'|^{\beta-1}u'\right)'=\frac{1}{f(u)} & \textrm{for}\ 00 & \textrm{for}\ 0<r<r_0,\\ u(0)=0, \end{cases} $$ for $\gamma>\alpha>\beta\geq 1$ and $f\in C[0,\bar u)\cap C^2(0,\bar u)$, $f(0)=0$, $f(u)>0$ on $(0, \bar u)$ and $f$ satisfies certain assumptions which include the standard case of pure power nonlinearities encountered in the study of Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS). We obtain the existence and uniqueness of a solution $u^*$ to the above problem, the rate at which it approaches the value zero at the origin and the intersection number of points with the corresponding regular solutions $u(\,\cdot\,,a)$ (with $u(0,a)=a$) as $a\to 0$. In particular, these results yield the uniqueness of a radial single point rupture solution and other qualitative properties for MEMS models. The bifurcation diagram is also investigated.Comment: 29 page

Topics: Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs, primary 34A12, 35B40, secondary 35B32, 34C10
Year: 2020
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