Persistence of antibodies induced by natural hepatitis E virus infection with or without hepatitis E vaccine boosting and the seroprotective antibody level of hepatitis E


自然感染获得的免疫力对于预防HEV的新发感染发挥着重要的作用,但自然感染获得的HEV抗体的衰减规律和持续时间尚不清楚。本研究基于戊型肝炎疫苗Ⅲ期临床试验及其延续性监测中所采集的免后5.5年内的系列血清抗-HEVIgG数据,将其分成三个数据集进行免疫持久性分析,数据集A为对照组基线HEVIgG阳性人群,7m及之后至少一个时间点有抗-HEVIgG定量检测结果,共纳入2242人;数据集B为对照组7m内HEV新发感染人群,7m之后至少一个时间点有抗-HEVIgG定量检测结果,共纳入60人;数据集C为疫苗组基线HEVIgG阳性戊肝疫苗免疫人群,7m之后至少一个时间点有抗-HEVIgG定量检测结果,共纳入...Naturally acquired anti-hepatitis E virus (HEV) immunity can protect against new HEV infection, although the long-term persistence of natural anti-HEV IgG remains unknown. We analyzed the serology data of a phase III clinical trial of the HEV 239 vaccine during a 67 month follow-up period and predicted long-term persistence with mathematical models. The serology data was grouped into three data se...学位:博士后院系专业:生命科学学院_生物学学号:201517006

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