Jarid2 regulates the function of follicular helper T cells and immune responses


免疫系统是人和动物体内帮助抵御入侵病原体和清除体内肿瘤细胞的防御系统,高等动物的免疫系统包括天然免疫系统和适应性免疫系统。适应性免疫可分为T细胞介导的细胞免疫应答和B细胞介导的体液免疫应答。生发中心(GerminalCenter,GC)反应是体液免疫应答中最重要的生理过程,活化的B细胞只有通过生发中心选择,才能分化成为分泌高亲和力抗体的浆细胞及长期记忆性B细胞,而生发选择过程是受到滤泡辅助性T细胞(FollicularhelperTcell,TFH)的控制。因此TFH细胞分化及功能的机制研究为体液免疫应答和免疫记忆形成提供重要的理论基础。 越来越多的研究表明,表观遗传修饰在各种免疫细胞的分化...The immune system protects host from invading pathogens and clears tumor cells. The vertebrate immune system is comprised of innate and adaptive immune system. Adaptive immunity can be classified into T cell-mediated cellular immunity and B cell-mediated humoral immunity. The germinal center reaction is the most important physiological process in humoral immunity. Only through germinal center sele...学位:理学硕士院系专业:生命科学学院_生物化学与分子生物学学号:2162014115254

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