The functional modification of PEGylated brush-polymer by peptides and their interaction mechanism with phospholipid membrane


刷状聚合物的合成和在医学治疗的应用是目前纳米生物分子材料领域研究的热点。同时PEG化后的刷状聚合物更有优良的生物性能,兼具多方面的优势,因而被应用于多肽/蛋白质药物的功能化修饰、药物可控递送体系以及生物传感等方面。但同时这些材料在其应用中也面临着与生物磷脂膜的作用能力弱和进细胞效率低的问题。因此,我们需要对材料表面进行电荷性质和疏水性质的调控以实现与磷脂膜的作用增强和进细胞效率的提高,并更为深入研究其作用机制。本论文旨在通过构建不同氨基酸序列多肽功能化修饰的PEG类刷状聚合物形成的多肽-聚合物结合物的体系,以实现对PEG类刷状聚合物表面电荷性质和疏水性质的调控,并在此体系的基础上研究电荷性质和...The synthesis and application in medical treatment of the brush-polymer are the hotspot in the research of nano biological molecules. At the same time, PEGylated brush-polymers have more excellent biological performance as well as advantages, and can be applied to functional modification of peptide/protein drugs, drug controlled delivery system and biological sensing, etc. But these materials in t...学位:理学硕士院系专业:化学化工学院_分析化学学号:2052013115156

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