Preparation and Development of Multilayer Coextrusion Composite Film by Biaxially Orientation


高性能薄壁化和多层复合是当前塑料包装薄膜的发展趋势。双向拉伸多层共挤复合薄膜不仅可以满足包装行业对薄膜多功能性的要求,还具有减薄功能,可大幅度减; 少同类塑料薄膜的用量,降低生产成本。文中分别介绍拉伸取向和多层共挤关键技术、商业化薄膜生产设备和几种主要的薄膜产品,如双向拉伸聚丙烯(BOPP); 薄膜、双向拉伸聚酯(BOPET)薄膜、双向拉伸聚酰胺(BOPA)薄膜、双向拉伸聚乳酸(BOPLA)薄膜和双向拉伸聚乙烯(BOPE)薄膜,着重讨论; 了 BOPE薄膜研究现状及未来展望。Oriented plastic films for packaging applications are industrially; produced in large quantities. In order to meet the demands on modern; flexible packaging, biaxially oriented tentering and multilayer; coexcusion have been developed. It is required that the prepared plastic; films should fulfill a protective function, and allow product design in; line with economic and environmental aspects. In this review, the; orientation technology and multilayer coexcusion were introduced. Some; types of film such as biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), biaxially; oriented polyester (BOPET), biaxially oriented polyamide; (BOPA),biaxially oriented polylactic acid (BOPLA),and biaxially oriented; polyethylene (BOPE) films were also outlined. Finally, the present; situation and future prospect of BOPE film were emphatically discussed.福建省阻燃与防火材料技术重大研发平台; 厦门市科技计划项目; 国家自然科学基金资助项

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