Tunneling spectroscopy of localized states of WS2 barriers in vertical van der Waals heterostructures


In transition metal dichalcogenides, defects have been found to play an important role, affecting doping, spin-valley relaxation dynamics, and assisting in proximity effects of spin-orbit coupling. Here we study localized states in WS2 and how they affect tunneling through van der Waals heterostructures of h-BN/graphene/ WS2/metal. The obtained conductance maps as a function of bias and gate voltage reveal single-electron transistor behavior (Coulomb blockade) with a rich set of transport features including excited states and negative differential resistance regimes. Applying a perpendicular magnetic field, we observe a shift in the energies of the quantum levels and information about the orbital magnetic moment of the localized states is extracted.QRD/Goswami LabQN/van der Zant LabQN/Steele La

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This paper was published in TU Delft Repository.

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