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SUSY Ward identities, superamplitudes and counterterms

By Henriette Elvang, Daniel Z Freedman and Michael Kiermaier


Ward identities of SUSY and R-symmetry relate n -point amplitudes in supersymmetric theories. We review recent work in which these Ward identities are solved in ##IMG## [http://ej.iop.org/images/1751-8121/44/45/454009/jpa389327ieqn1.gif] {{\cal N}=4} SYM and ##IMG## [http://ej.iop.org/images/1751-8121/44/45/454009/jpa389327ieqn2.gif] {{\cal N}=8} supergravity. The solution, valid at both tree and loop level, expresses any N K MHV superamplitude in terms of a basis of ordinary amplitudes. Basis amplitudes are classified by semi-standard tableaux of rectangular ##IMG## [http://ej.iop.org/images/1751-8121/44/45/454009/jpa389327ieqn3.gif] {{\cal N}} _ K Young diagrams. The SUSY Ward identities also impose constraints on the matrix elements of candidate ultraviolet counterterms in ##IMG## [http://ej.iop.org/images/1751-8121/44/45/454009/jpa389327ieqn4.gif] {{\cal N}=8} supergravity, and they can be studied using superamplitude basis expansions. This leads to a novel and quite comprehensive matrix element approach to counterterms, which we also review

Publisher: IOP Publishing
Year: 2011
DOI identifier: 10.1088/1751-8121-44-45-454009
OAI identifier: oai:deepblue.lib.umich.edu:2027.42/90831

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