Untersuchungen zur Korrosionsschutzwirkung von Acrylat-Styrol-Copolymer-Epoxy-Polymerblends


The aim of this work is to increase the corrosion protection effect of aqueous acrylate-styrene copolymer dispersions. For this purpose, coatings were prepared from polymer blends with a water-based acrylate-styrene copolymer dispersion and three different aqueous epoxy resin systems. The incorporation of the various epoxy dispersions into the acrylate-styrene copolymer improved the corrosion protection containing from an epoxy content of 50% in the coatings. The use of a pigmentation with strontium aluminium zinc phosphate contributes to a further improvement of the corrosion protection effect. The results of the investigations of the permeation of water in the coatings and the results derived from them with regard to the corrosion protection effect make the importance of the water balance of the coatings in view of the corrosion protection effect clear. From 50 % epoxy content, the epoxy resin predominates in the coating and, with its good barrier effect, contributes significantly to the corrosion protection of the coatings. In addition, the corrosion protection is improved by the reversibility of loss in the adhesive strength in the acrylate-styrene copolymer domains. The phase structure in the physical blends has different effects on the corrosion protection behaviour of the coatings and can lead to an improvement of the corrosion protection effect by increasing the tortuosity and the additional interactions between the binders. Finally, the oxygen diffusion in the investigated coatings play a minor role in the corrosion porotection behavior due to the high values of oxygen diffusivity of these coatings

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