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Magnetic anisotropy terms in [110] MBE grown REFe2 films involving the strain term ???

By G.J. Bowden, P.A.J. de Groot, B.D. Rainford, K. Wang, K.N. Martin, J.P. Zimmermann and H. Fangohr


The magnetic anisotropy parameters in [110] MBE grown films of REFe<sub>2</sub> compounds are not the same as those in the bulk. This is due to the presence of a shear strain ε<sub>xy</sub>, frozen in during crystal growth. In this paper, calculated magnetic anisotropy parameters for [110] MBE grown REFe<sub>2</sub> films, that directly involve the shear strain ε<sub>xy</sub>, are presented and discussed. In addition to the usual first order Callen and Callen term <i>K</i>˜'<sub>2</sub>, there are nine second order terms six of which involve cross terms between ε<sub>xy</sub> and the cubic crystal field terms B<sub>4</sub> and B<sub>6</sub>. Two of the second order cross terms are identified as being important: <i>K</i>˜"<sub>242</sub>(<i>T</i>) and <i>K</i>˜"<sub>262</sub>(<i>T</i>). Of these, the rank-two term <i>K</i>˜"<sub>242</sub>(<i>T</i>) dominates over a large temperature range. It has the same angular dependence as the first order term <i>K</i>˜'<sub>2</sub>, but with a more rapid temperature dependence. The correction at <i>T</i> = 0K for TbFe<sub>2</sub>, DyFe<sub>2</sub>, HoFe<sub>2</sub>, ErFe<sub>2</sub>, and TmFe<sub>2</sub>, amounts to ~+9.2%, -13.9%, -11.6%, +22.7%, and 27.1%, respectively. Similar comments are made concerning the rank-four <i>K</i>˜"<sub>264</sub>(<i>T</i>) term

Topics: QC
Year: 2006
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