In the field of the petroleum engineering, economic has played more roles whereby many methods used to ultimately squeeze oil from the reservoir. FA WAG is one of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technique which can increase oil recovery at 30, 60% by mobility control to improve sweep efficiency.Foaming injected gas is a useful and promising technique for achieving mobility control in porous media. In the presence of foam, gas and liquid flow behaviour is determined by bubble size and foam texture. Besides, in order to relate the foam behaviour to enhance the oil productivity requires a thorough knowledge of the physical aspects involved in foam flow through porous media. Film stability is strong function of surfactant concentration and type. This work studies foam flow behaviour at a variety of surfactant concentration using 1FT and coreflooding experiments. Thus, the foam behaviour examined spans from weak to strong. Foam has been applied at the Snorre, North Sea Brent-type sandstone reservoir. The Snorre FA WAG is the world's largest application offoam in the oil industry. The present project will focus on the rheology of foam which includes the foam generation, foam propagation and destruction. Several factors such as the viscosity, pressure drop, interfacial tension that affect the foam stability will be experimented at high pressure cell. The interfacial tension when oil react with surfactant examined using 1FT 700 between different concentration (0.1 %,0.2%0.3%0.5%1.0%, 2.0wt"/o) of SDS (Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate) followed by coreflooding experiment to measure the oil recovery.Be~innin!;\ with the backwound of study, objective and problem statements, the research will be deeply understood with good literature review. Through experiment set up would produce result that shows the foam behaviour in terms of stability on oil productivity during FA WAG process. Conclude with overall find outs from the research and come out with recommendation to improve the understanding on foam behaviour. As the concentration of surfactant increases, the oil recovery increases

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