INTERCALATION OF OLYGOIVtEROF HYDROXYL-CHROMIUM INTO NATURAL KAOLINITE /nterka/asi Oligomer Hidroksil-kromium pada Kaolin A/am Tatakan


ABSTRACT Preparation of a kaolin-hydroxyl chromium composite and characterization of its physico-chemical properties were conducted. The olygomer hydroxyl-chromium was prepared by adding Na2C03 to 0.1 M chromium nitrate solution (ratio OHICr = 2) and then dried at 110°C and 400 °c for 4 h. Characterization of kaolin-hydroxyl chromium composite includes determination of acidity, functional groups, basal spacing, and surface area (BET-N2 sorption analyzer). The result showed that intercalation of hydroxyl chromium resulted in the decreasing of basal spacing but increased the specific surface area of kaolin. Drying of the intercalated kaolin at 400°C decreased surface area, total volume pore and pore radius. FT-IR spectra showed that hydroxyl-chromium detected at wavelength of 2925 and 2855 cm-1. . Keywords: natural kaolin, intercalation, olygomer hydroxyl-chromium, kaolin-hydroxyl chromium composit

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