ρ0ω\rho^0-\omega mixing in U(3)L×U(3)R{\rm U(3)}_L\times {\rm U(3)}_R chiral theory of mesons


In this paper, U(3)L×_L\timesU(3)R_R chiral theory of mesons is extended to the leading order in quark mass expansion in order to evaluate the ρ0ω\rho^0-\omega mixing. It is shown that the use of path integral method to integrate out the quark fields naturally leads to the ρ0ω\rho^0-\omega mixing vertices, and this mixing is entirely from the quark loop in this theory. The off-shell behaviour of the mixing amplitude is analyzed. The on-shell mixing amplitude is obtained from the decay ωπ+π\omega\rightarrow \pi^+\pi^-. Furthermore, the constraints on the light quark mass parameters are extracted from the ρ0ω\rho^0-\omega mixing and the mesons masses, and the mass splitting of K(892)K^*(892)-mesons is predicted.

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