Direct mass measurements of A=80 isobars


Direct mass measurements of A=80 isobars were performed using the second cyclotron of SARA (Système Accéléra teur Rhône-Alpes) of the ISN (Institut des Sciences Nucléaires) in Grenoble as a time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Using the 300300 MeV 58^{58}Ni27^{27}Al reaction, the isobars 80^{80}Rb, 80^{80}Sr, 80^{80}Y, and 80^{80}Zr (only one event!) were measured. For 80^{80}Y we found a mass value of 79.934320(180)79.934320(180) u, corresponding to a decay energy Q (80^{80}Y \rightarrow 80^{80}Sr) of (9120±170)(9120 \pm 170) keV. Comparing this value to the former experiments of Lister et al. and Della Negra et al. results in a difference of about 2.22.2 MeV. However, it does agree with the recommended value of Audi and Wapstra, which is derived from systematic trends. For 80^{80}Zr the single event was identified with a probability of 0.9999750.999975 and a mass value of 79.940400(1600)79.940400(1600) u could be deduced from our experiment

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