Determination Of Triglycerides In Human Plasma Using Near-infrared Spectroscopy And Multivariate Calibration Methods


The quantitative analysis of triglycerides in human blood plasma was studied without previous sample pre-treatment using direct near-infrared spectroscopy absorption measurements. A comparison of several multivariate calibration techniques, such as partial least squares (PLS), multiple linear regression (MLR) with feature selection by a genetic algorithm, and a neural network, was performed. Several pre-processing data techniques were tested and the best one was obtained using Fourier transform to reduce the random noise, followed by water spectrum subtraction and the first derivative. Also, different spectral ranges were tested, and the range 5500-6870 cm-1 was chosen. The three calibration techniques presented similar performance with relative errors around 9%. In this case, we choose the simplest calibration model which is MLR, because it is more easily implemented in routine practice. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.4461-23947Willians, P., Norris, K., (1990) Near-Infrared Technology in the Agricultural and Food Industries, , American Association of Cereal Chemists, St. Paul, MNBlanco, M., Coello, J., Eustaquio, A., Iturriaga, H., Maspoch, S., (1999) Anal. Chim. Acta, 392, p. 237Guchardi, R., Costa Filho, P.A., Poppi, R.J., Pasquini, C., (1998) J. Near Infrared Spectrosc., 6, p. 333Dåbakk, E., Nilsson, M., Geladi, P., Wold, S., Renberg, I., (2000) Water Res., 34, p. 1666Cingo, N.A., Small, G.W., Arnold, M.A., (2000) Vibrat. Spectrosc., 23, p. 103Stevens, J.F., Vadgama, P., (1997) Ann. Clin. Biochem., 34, p. 215Heise, H.M., Marbach, R., Bittner, A., (1998) J. Near Infrared Spectrosc., 6, p. 273Poppi, R.J., Pasquini, C., (1993) Chemometrics Intell. Lab. Syst., 19, p. 243Pan, S., Chung, H., Arnold, M.A., Small, G.W., (1996) Anal. Chem., 68, p. 1124Draper, N., Smith, H., (1981) Applied Regression Analysis, 2nd Edition, , Wiley, New YorkHibbert, D.B., (1993) Chemometrics Intell. Lab. Syst., 19, p. 277Jouan-Rimbaud, D., Massart, D.L., Leardi, R., Noord, O.E., (1995) Anal. Chem., 67, p. 4295Gemperline, P.J., Long, J.R., Gregoroiu, V.G., (1991) Anal. Chem., 63, p. 2313Marteau, P., Zanier-Szydlowski, N., Aoufi, A., Hotier, G., Cansell, F., (1995) Vibrat. Spectrosc., 9, p. 101Song, X.H., Yu, R.Q., (1993) Chemometrics Intell. Lab. Syst., 19, p. 101Wise, B.M., Gallagher, N.B., (1995) PLS Toolbox for Use with Matlab, Version 1.5.1, , Eigenvector Technologies, MansonMartens, H., Naes, T., (1989) Multivariate Calibration, , Wiley, ChichesterZupan, J., Gasteiger, J., (1992) Neural Networks for Chemists: an Introdution, , VCH, Weinhei

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