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Inquiry of the male preschool teacher's life world: Resistance and transformation against gender stereotype

By 李詩媛


幼教工作者不論在中西方社會皆帶給人們一種社會聲望低、薪資水平低與專業認同感低等既存的刻板印象,雖現今社會大力提倡男女平權、消弭性別刻板印象,但性別盲者不在少數,以學齡前幼兒師資培育為例,普羅大眾對「保姆」、「幼教老師」的第一印象仍是女性,故本研究核心主軸圍繞在幼教現場中的單一性別化現象,並關注兩個焦點,分別是(一)男性幼教工作者的優劣勢;與(二)探究男性幼教工作者面對性別刻板印象的抵抗與轉化。本研究透過四位男性幼教工作者的訪談,主要發現如下: (一)既轉化又鞏固性別刻板印象:男性幼教工作者企圖轉化幼教高度性別化時,其實同時也無意識地在歌頌陽剛氣質,故男性幼教工作者的出現不等於可消弭性版刻版印象,反而無形之中更加鞏固傳統的性別二元區分。 (二)另類的陽剛展現:性別是多元的,男性化與女性化都不是反映特定的行為,他們會藉由不同的策略發展出不同的因應方式來處理性別身份。有些男性幼教工作者選擇消滅男性性別身份,採取傳統女性角色,在情感方面可較輕易地消弭與同事、家長、幼兒間的劃界關係;有些男性教師為讓性別認同突顯重要,選擇創造另類活動,他們會發展出大量的戶外活動,更著重培養幼兒體能。 (三)多元的抗拒類型:藉由四位幼教工作者的訪談,研究者整理出四種抗拒類型,分別是單刀直入型、頑強不屈型、春雨潤物型與借風使舵型的抗拒,教師可依其所處情況,採取不同的抗拒類型。The research indicates that people have a certain gender stereotype toward preschool teachers. No matter in eastern or western societies, preschool teachers are in a low socioeconomic status and low occupational prestige. Although the current society advocates the equal rights for men and women, dispelling gender stereotypes, there are still “gender-blindness” people as the majority. For example, the first image of the publics for "babysitter" or “preschool teacher” is often considered as a job for women. This study aims to emphasize the phenomenon of female as majority in kindergartens, and focus on the two points: (1) the advantages and disadvantages of male early preschool teachers. (2) the resistance and transformation of male early childhood teachers against the process of gender stereotypes. This study interviews four male preschool teachers, and the main findings are as follows: (1) Both transformation and consolidation of the gender stereotype: Male preschool teachers try to transform against the highly single-gender phenomenon, but at the same time they consolidated their masculinity, maybe these male preschool teachers wouldn’t put an end to the gender stereotypes, but to consolidate the traditional gender distinction on the contrary. (2) Alternative masculinities: Gender is diverse, masculine and feminine are not reflected in a single type, they will be different strategies in response to different situations. Some male choose to destroy their masculinities in kindergarten, and take the traditional female role to easily eliminate the boundaries between parents, children and colleagues; some male teachers consider it is more important to emphasize masculine identity, so they choose to develop a lot of outdoor activities, and emphasis on cultivating children's physical fitness. (3) The diversities of resistant strategy: Through four preschool teachers’ interviews, the researcher sorted out the four resistance tactics, which are straightforward type, indomitable type, tenderness type and speculation type resist. Teachers should take a different resistance strategies depending on different situations

Topics: 男性幼教工作者, 另類陽剛氣質, 多元的抗拒類型, male preschool teacher, alternative masculinities, multiple resistance type
Publisher: 國立政治大學
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