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Closed, Non-mainstream Success Feasibility Of Telecommunications Standards - A Company Operating PHS as an Example

By 謝坤霖 and Kun Lin Hsieh


電信服務日新月異,電信技術與標準推陳出新,在眾多技術與標準中,選擇一種可以獲得用戶支持,並且滿足潛在市場需求的技術標準,在世代交替與技術標準轉換之際,選擇適合的技術標準,以建構用戶基礎與技術優勢,將是投資龐大之電信公司營運成功與否的關鍵因素。 過去曾經風光的封閉型電信標準,如日本的NTT DoCoMo的PDC與其iMode標準,終究因為不能滿足新的競爭與市場需求,並且電信服務價值鏈日漸繁複的趨勢,終就還是走入歷史;近年封閉與非主流的低功率行動電話PHS標準被中國與其他國家捨棄,目前唯一經營PHS的日本Willcom電信公司與台灣的A公司也都紛紛進入財務重整,全球PHS用戶曾經達到一億之盛況,卻因為中國大陸的電信政策影響,讓曾經風光,俗稱小靈通的PHS因此消失。 PDC和PHS都是被認為是曾經領先當代的封閉型技術標準,也都是日本電信公司自主研發的先進行動通信技術,但是NTT DoCoMo只經營了三年PHS,即終止PHS服務,而Willcom電信公司(DDI Pocket前身)則選擇持續發展PHS技術;曾經封閉的PHS技術領先其他電信標準,最後卻遭到淘汰;對照蘋果公司的iOS作業系統與iTunes服務,一樣是封閉型系統,Apple卻仍是屹立不搖;未來是否可以持續保持,封閉型的標準是否可以成功,擁有廣大市場,主導整個服務鏈,頗值得深入探討。 全球各國對於電信技術與標準的管理,已逐漸採行技術中立的政策,對於技術與標準的選擇,政府政策因素的影響對企業選擇標準因素限制,已逐漸降低;本研究將以台灣A公司經營PHS為例,對照中國與日本的PHS電信業者,探討與分析電信公司選擇封閉型、非主流電信標準之成功可行性。Telecommunication Services have been changed rapidly recently; technologies and standards are also replaced to next generation every few years period. There are technology standards; right selection of standard is to fulfill requirements and obtain market is important. There were successful closed type telecom standards, like PDC of NTT DoCoMo in the 2G era. But finally it had been replaced by 3G, its next generation technology. The standard of telecom trend is toward an open type telecom standard. It is due to the complication of value chain of telecom services and global interfaces requirements. The closed type of technology standard is gradually abandoned. The PHS technology has been developed and adopted by leading technology telecom service provider, Willcom Japan, Telecom Company A in Taiwan announced PHS to be upgraded to XGP for a 100Mbps high speed mobile data network to compete with dominant and worldwide adopted a 4 G LTE mobile standard. But both companies went bankruptcy recently. The subscribers of PHS had been reached to his peak at 100 millions, the government policy has caused PHS in China clear away in a day. PDC and PHS are all considered as closed type technology standards. They were all invented by Japanese Telecom Operators. NTT had been operated and provided PHS service only for 3 years. The PHS leading operator, Willcom (previously DDI Pocket) is all the way providing services with PHS upgraded technology. But The Company is still facing financial difficulty and numbers of subscribers decreased dramatically. In Comparison with Apple Inc. who developed the closed type iOS and iTunes standards, are still leading mobile handset and applications markets. Apple’s service and product now become market dominant. Will Apple’s closed technologies maintenance for future successful? It is worth to be studied and look into details and referred with the PHS technology development as closed type standards. The natural to technology and standard is a trend globally from the government management policy. The governing policy has less effect on the technology and standard selection. The study is based on the case of A company using PHS technology to analyze Selection of close type standard or non dominant telecom standard will it be possible to be successful ? Willcom has announced to adopt XGP, the next generation PHS technology. Can we foresee the failure or it will arise from the dead? The study based on literature and cases analysis to analyze telecommunication, especially mobile communications operators. Successful factors of selection Telecommunication standards based on telecom service value chains, technology dependence, advantages and disadvantages of closed and open type’s standards. The thesis hopes to answer why A company’s failure and recommendation of successful factors when selection a closed type technology standard. The thesis is also to analyze the failure of A company in selection PHS technology which is closed type and reference of literature and other thesis to see the technology standard trend and hope to provide valuable reference for Telecommunication operators or related service providers in the future

Topics: 電信公司, 封閉型, 開放型, 技術標準, PHS, Telecommunication Standard, PHS, Closed Type Technology
Publisher: 國立政治大學
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