Thi study has an objective of identifying the competitive advantage of Bank Mandiri Singapore Branch through identify the external and internal environment. Analisys of external environment included political analysis, economic analysis, social/demographic analysis, and technological analysis. The results from external environment analysis will meet opportunities and treats for the bank Mandiri Singapore in the future and the key success factors in order to successfully compete in Singapore banking industry. Analysis of internal environment trough resource-based view approach, starting with the grouping of resources and capabilities tha have been developed and then proceed to analyze the key activities in each primary activities and support activities of the value chain. Finally, the resources and capabilities have a sustainable competitive advantage, or have a competitive advantage in part or do not have a competitive advantage. The results of this study are not yet found any sustainable competitive asdvantage in order to compete in Singapura banking industry. There are 13 existing strength of Bank Mandiri Singapore branch, each owned by a competitor, it is very easy to imitate, and can be searched substitutes. Proposed future strategy, the Bank focused on developing a presence in Singapore's financial center consist of commercial related business/commerce 9corporate lending, the finance, treasury and cash management) and related business financial management (invenstment banking, investment management, wealth management and remittance

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