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RRS Charles Darwin Cruise CD177, 12-29 Nov 2005. RAPID Mooring Cruise Report

By S.A. Cunningham


This report describes mooring operations and underway measurements conducted during RRS Charles Darwin Cruise CD177. Cruise CD177 was conducted between 12 November 2005 and 29 November 2005. The first part of the cruise consisted of a transit from Falmouth, UK to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife with mooring preparation conducted on this leg. Further scientific staff joined in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for the second leg that started on the 19 November. The cruise finished in Tenerife on the 29 November.<br/><br/>This cruise was completed as part of the United Kingdom Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded RAPID Programme to monitor the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5ºN. The primary purposes of this cruise were to service the two key moorings (EB1 and EB2) on the eastern boundary of the 26.5ºN mooring array and to deploy two Pressure Inverted Echosounders (PIES). The array was first deployed in 2004 during RRS Discovery cruises D277 and D278 (Southampton Oceanography Centre Cruise Report No. 53) in order to set up a pre-operational prototype system to continuously observe the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC). It was subsequently serviced on RRS Charles Darwin cruise CD170 and RV Knorr cruise KN182-2 (both covered in National Oceanography Centre Southampton Cruise Report No. 2). The array will be further refined and refurbished during subsequent years.<br/><br/>This cruise was planned in response to mooring losses suffered in the first year of the 26.5ºN array deployment. The two key eastern boundary moorings were subjected to damage through suspected fishing activity causing the loss of data above 1200m at the eastern boundary. To reduce the risk of data loss we plan to service the two key moorings on a six-monthly cycle.<br/><br/>Instruments deployed on the array consists of a variety of current meters, bottom pressure recorders and CTD loggers which, combined with time series measurements of the Florida Channel Current and wind stress estimates, will be used to determine the strength and structure of the MOC at 26.5ºN. (

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Publisher: National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Year: 2006
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Provided by: e-Prints Soton

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  11. Docked at Tenerife at 0900. 22 nd November. Sailed at 1100. Changed over reeler drums ready for recovery operations. Made up recovery lines for reelers. 23 rd November. Made up all the glass.
  12. Docked at Tenerife at 1630. 19 th November. Set up broadband ADCP for deployment. Set up PIES and assembled in frames with anchor attached.
  13. Drove down from Southampton and arrived at ship at 1600.
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  18. (2005). indicates battery failure Rapid Mooring Cruise
  19. (2005). Instrument details CTD Cast Max Depth Type Serial numbers Comment Calibration type 1
  20. Instrument Setup Details EBADCP RD Instruments 150kHz Broadband ADCP – Serial Number 1184 System frequency 150kHz Beam angle 20 degrees System Power Low Water temperature 15 deg C Water salinity 35ppt Depth of transducer
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  22. Mooring Number Deployment Date Deployment Time Recovery Date Comment
  23. (2005). N/A Mooring lost in 2004. Attempted recovery 28/11/2005 but not enough buoyancy to bring releases to surface EBADCP 2005/63 20/11/2005 09:12 N/A Redeployment of ADCP recovered by Poseidon in Spring
  24. (2005). Ok. just a little algae 15:49:30 SBE 3276 Connector wrenched off on recovery 15:49:30
  25. (2005). Previously taped up P wire comes up between 3924-3925
  26. (2000). Recovered? Date of first useable record Date of Last usable record
  27. Sailed at 1700 heading for EBADCP/EBP2 sites as we didn’t need the bow thruster for the deployment, ETA. 0900. 20 th November. Deployed EBADCP at 0900 using both aft cranes in synchronisation.
  28. Sailed from Falmouth at 1700.
  29. Steamed to PIES site, deployed EBP2 at 1100 with one lift straight over using aft STBD crane with release hook. Heading back in to Tenerife to collect bow thruster parts. 21 st
  30. Table 14.2: Mooring locations, deployment dates and Argos beacon details. (A/L = Anchor launch position. A/B = Anchor position on bottom determined from triangulation.) 15. Instruments D. Rayner 15.1 Summary of Instruments Recovered and Deployed
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