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Exotic Elliptic Algebras

By Alex Chirvasitu and S. Paul Smith


This paper examines a general method for producing twists of a comodule algebra by tensoring it with a torsor then taking co-invariants. We examine the properties that pass from the original algebra to the twisted algebra and vice versa. We then examine the special case where the algebra is a 4-dimensional Sklyanin algebra viewed as a comodule algebra over the Hopf algebra of functions on the non-cyclic group of order 4 with the torsor being the 2x2 matrix algebra. The twisted algebra is an "exotic elliptic algebra". We show that the twisted algebra has many of the good properties that the Sklyanin algebra has, and that it has some new properties that make it quite unusual by comparison.Comment: v1=32 pp. v2=36 pp. Added appendix; change to proof of Prop. 10.2. v3=44 pp. Corrections and changed sections 3, 4; new results in section 10 describing families of line modules parametrized by $E/\langle\xi \rangle$, $\xi$ has order 2. v4=45 pp. New results: $\widetilde{B}$ is a prime ring; the map $E/\langle\xi \rangle \to {\mathbb G}(1,3)$ is a closed immersio

Topics: Mathematics - Rings and Algebras, Mathematics - Quantum Algebra, 16E65, 16S38, 16T05, 16W50
Year: 2015
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