Multiferroic Pb(Fe[sub 0.66]W[sub 0.33])[sub 0.80]Ti[sub 0.20]O[sub 3] thin films: A room-temperature relaxor ferroelectric and weak ferromagnetic


We report the synthesis of single-phase Pb(Fe0.66W0.33)0.80Ti0.20O3 thin films by chemical solution deposition techniques on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si(100) substrates. At room temperature it showed relaxor behavior up to 50 kHz frequency and almost linear dielectric constant for higher frequency. The dielectric diffusivity (gamma=1.89) calculated from modified Curie-Weiss laws and nonlinear Vogel-Fulcher fitting implies relaxor characteristics of the films. Capacitance variation as function of applied field showed perfect “butterfly loops” for frequency (>10 kHZ) at room temperature and for a full range of experimental frequencies near the freezing temperature (~240 K). Magnetization versus applied magnetic field displayed weak ferromagnetic properties

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This paper was published in ESC Publications - Cambridge Univesity.

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