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Topological events on wave dislocation lines: birth and death of small loops, and reconnection

By M.V. Berry and M.R. Dennis


In three-dimensional space, a wave dislocation, that is, a quantized (optical) vortex or phase singularity, is a line zero of a complex scalar wavefunction. As a 'time' parameter varies, the topology of the vortex can change by encounter with a line of vanishing vorticity (curl of the current associated with the wavefunction). An isolated critical point of the field intensity, sliding along the zero-vorticity line like a bead on a wire, meets the vortex as it encounters the line, and so participates in the singular event. Local expansio n and gauge and coordinates transformations show that the vortex topology can change generically by the appearance or disappearance of a loop, or by the reconnection of branches of a pair of hyperbolas

Topics: QA, QC
Year: 2007
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