The reason why someone who became a nurse after experiencing working as a nurse aimed to become a nurse : from the story of the parties


【Introduction】Recently, there is an increasing number of nurses (nursing professionals) who become nurses after experiences of working with people. To build a good relationship among nurses with different experiences, understanding the circumstances of career changes seems to be important. For this purpose, I interviewed five nurses who became nurses after experiencing doing other works.【Method】Qualitative research method, using life story interview.【Results】The content of the stories could be divided into six categories. "The reason for choosing the previous job," "Divorce/separation and parenting without financial support," "Is it OK to be like this?" "Sudden events that occurred in family or workspace," "I want to be a nurse," and "Assistance from family." 【Discussion】Job change is already becoming an ordinary event, and this is occurring in the nursing profession as well. It is important for the educators and recruiters to know their rich and deep experiences of the past, understand individual the circumstances of career changes , and consider support for nurses to adapt to the workplace.【緒言】昨今、社会人経験後に看護師になる人(社会人看護師)が増加している。高校卒業後、直ぐに看護師養成機関に入り看護師になった人とは異なる背景を持った看護師同士が共に働きやすくあるために、5名の協力者に転職の契機と経緯を聴き取った。【方法】質的研究法、ライフストーリー・インタビュー法【結果】語りの内容は「前職に就いていた理由」「離婚や別居と自力での子育て」「このままでいいのか」「仕事や家族に起きた突然の出来事」「看護師になりたい」「家族からの援助」に6分割できた。さらに、様々な契機が関連しあって転職に向かう経緯を辿っていた。【考察】現代において転職は、既に当たり前の出来事になりつつあり、看護の世界も同様である。彼らとの協働を進めるためには、受け入れ側が先ず、社会人看護師のこれまでの豊かで深い経験を知り、個々の特性を理解した上で職場適応への支援を考えることが重要である。departmental bulletin pape

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