Corneal topometric, aberrometric and biomechanical parameters in mucopolysaccharidosis patients


AIMS: To report corneal topometric and aberrometric values in mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) and to investigate their correlation with biomechanical corneal parameters. METHODS: One randomly chosen eye of 20 MPS patients with no to moderate corneal clouding and one eye of 23 healthy controls with comparable age were prospectively included into this study. Corneal surface regularity was assessed by index of surface variance (ISV), -vertical asymmetry (IVA), -height asymmetry (IHA), -height decentration (IHD); keratoconus index (KI), central keratoconus index (CKI) and Zernike indices of anterior and posterior corneal surface using Scheimpflug imaging (Pentacam). Corneal resistance factor (CRF) and corneal hysteresis (CH) were assessed by Ocular Response Analyzer. Statistical analyses were performed using Mann-Whitney-Test and Spearman Correlation Coefficients. RESULTS: IVA, ISV, IHD, IHA, but not KI and CKI were significantly higher in MPS patients compared to age matched healthy controls. Spherical aberration and asphericity coefficients either at the anterior or at the posterior corneal surface differed significantly between both groups. The grade of the MPS-associated corneal opacity correlated significantly with ISV (rho = 0.52), IVA (rho = 0.54), IHA (rho = 0.57) and IHD (rho = 0.48). Density of the MPS-affected corneas correlated significantly with ISV (rho = 0.52), IVA (rho = 0.72), IHA (rho = 0.57), IHD (rho = 0.69), 3rd order horizontal trefoil aberration at the posterior (rho = 0.62) and anterior surface (rho = 0.48) as well as with CH (rho = 0.55) and CRF (rho = 0.57). Spherical aberration at the back surface correlated with CRF and CH in MPS and in healthy controls. CONCLUSIONS: This is the first study analyzing shape of the corneal surface in MPS patients. Topometric indices of corneal asymmetry are significantly increased and correlate with MPS-related corneal opacity and density. Spherical aberration and asphericity coefficient at the front and at the back corneal surface differ significantly between MPS and healthy controls

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