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Effect of Grazing on Soil Fertility and Trace Elements of Temperate Desert Steppe in Northwestern China

By T. Jiao, J. P. Wu, W. X. Cao, J. Qi and S. G. Zhao


Grazing is the dominant land use of temperate desert steppe in northwestern China. It is well established that the grazing process has impacts on plant production and biodiversity (Li 1997), but less is known about the effects of grazing chemical characteristics of grassland soils. Livestock feeding activities, especially the provision of supplementary sources, may influence pasture nutrient cycle, and in turn change the chemical composition of the grassland soil (Rong et al. 2001). Soil fertility may be affected by the type use and grazing intensities because these may cause alterations in soil physical and chemical properties as well as the soil biotia (Marzaioli et al. 2010; Caravacaa et al. 2002). The combination of these factors can reduce pasture productivity (Islam and Weil 2000; Sánchez-Marañón et al. 2002). Soil was the nutrient carrier to forage and livestock. Since changes in soil property will be reflected in both forage and livestock production directly or indirectly, it was important to study the effect of soil on grassland and grazing (Zhang et al. 2002), especially trace elements such as iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). In Alxa (Inner Mongolia), for example, Wu et al. (2008) reported a difference in the accumulation of these elements due to grassland type with a sequence of Fe\u3eMn\u3eZn\u3eCu in alpine meadow soil compared to a sequence of Fe \u3e Mn\u3eCu\u3eZn in mountainous steppe and desert steppe soils. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of grazing on the concentrations of Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn in temperate desert steppe in Gansu Province

Topics: Desert steppe, grazing, soil fertility, trace elements, Plant Sciences, Soil Science
Publisher: UKnowledge
Year: 2020
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