An overview on Robotic Applications for Cultural Heritage and Built Cultural Heritage


Focus is an overview on Robotics application for Cultural heritage and Built Cultural Heritage (a term that includes all the Architectural, Archaeological, and generally constructed artifacts). In the field of analysis and restoration of Cultural Heritage and Built Cultural Heritage it is interesting to have accurate and efficient operating methodologies. Indeed, robots and robotic systems can be designed and used for these applications. The join between DART (Laboratory of Documentation, Analysis, Survey of Architecture and Territory), LARM (Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics) of Cassino University and the LAREA (LAboratorio di Rilievo E Architettura) of Tor Vergata University, it was an example in sharing different knowledges and competences and in developing innovative robotic applications, which are able to operate in Cultural Heritage and Built Cultural Heritage

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This paper was published in CILEA.

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