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Fiber design for high-power low-cost Yb:Al-doped fiber laser operating at 980nm

By J. Kim, D.B.S. Soh, J. Nilsson, D.J. Richardson and J.K. Sahu


We investigated an Yb:Al-doped depressed-clad hollow optical fiber (DCHOF) for cladding-pumped 980nm laser operation. With a careful design, the nonzero fundamental-mode cutoff characteristics of a DCHOF allows the competing 1030-1060nm emission to be filtered out, despite being quite close to 980nm. The laser yielded over 3W of output power in a diffraction limited beam (M -parameter degrades to 2.7, as a result of increased cladding-mode lasing, as the cladding thickness is reduced

Topics: QC, TK, TN
Year: 2007
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Provided by: e-Prints Soton

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