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Thermal vibrational convection in near-critical fluids. Part 1. Non-uniform heating

By D. Lyubimov, T. Lyubimova, A. Vorobev, A. Mojtabi and B. Zappoli


A theoretical model describing the response of a single-phase near-critical fluid to small-amplitude, high-frequency translational vibrations is developed on the basis of the multiple-scale and averaging methods. Additionally to the usual terms of thermal convection, the equations and boundary conditions contain new terms responsible for the generation of pulsating and average flows due to vibrational forcing and fluid compressibility. The effect of compressibility is taken into account both in the boundary layers and in the bulk. A number of classical problems of convection and thermoacoustics are considered on the basis of the new model.<br/

Topics: QA, TA
Year: 2006
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Provided by: e-Prints Soton

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