Calcified amorphous tumor of the heart in an adult female: a case report


<p>Abstract</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>Cardiac calcified amorphous tumor is a rare, non-neoplastic intra-cavity cardiac mass composed of calcium deposits in a background of amorphous degenerating fibrinous material. Only a few cases of this rare lesion have been reported in the available literature. Clinico-pathological differentiation of this lesion from calcified atrial myxoma, calcified thrombi or other cardiac neoplasms is extremely difficult; hence pathologic examination is the mainstay of diagnosis. To the best of our knowledge this entity has not been reported in the Indian literature.</p> <p>Case presentation</p> <p>A 40-year-old woman of Indian origin presented with progressive dyspnea, fatigue and cough. She was diagnosed as having a calcified right atrial mass. The mass was excised. Histologic examination revealed the mass to be composed of amorphous eosinophilic fibrin with dense calcification. No myxomatous tissue was seen and a final diagnosis of calcified amorphous tumor of the heart was rendered.</p> <p>Conclusions</p> <p>Calcified amorphous tumor is a rare cardiac lesion with an excellent outcome following complete surgical removal. Since clinico-radiologic differentiation from other cardiac masses is not possible in most cases, histopathological examination is the only modality for diagnosis. Hence, histopathologists should be aware of this rare entity in the differential diagnoses of cardiac mass.</p

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