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Analisis Kromatografi Lapis Tipis (KLT) dan Aktivitas Antihiperurisemia Ekstrak Rebung Schizostachyum brachycladum Kurz (Kurz) pada Mencit Putih Jantan

By Yohannes Alen, Fitria Lavita Agresa and Yori Yuliandra


Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) analysis of bamboo shoot extract (Schizostachyum brachycladum) and its antihyperuricemic activity evaluation on male mice have been conducted. The extraction was processed by the maceration method, while the determination of the compound was carried out by using various color reagents of TLC plate. To evaluate the antihyperuricemic activity of the extract, a total of 25 male mice were hyperuricemic-induced with daily chicken liver homogenates along with extract suspension at doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg, allopurinol 10 mg/kg, and control group. Another group consisted of 5 mice was treated as the normal group. Serum uric acid level of mice was measured by using the spectrophotometer at the 8th day and analyzed with one-way ANOVA. The TLC analysis showed that the extract contained phenolic compounds and triterpenoids. The measurement of serum uric acid levels revealed that the extract at doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg significantly decreased the uric acid levels of male white mice as compared with control (p0.05). The study concluded that bamboo shoot extract exhibited antihyperuricemic activity. The effect was seen even at the lowest dose evaluated. Ekstraksi dan analisis KLT dari ekstrak rebung Schizostachyum brachycladum Kurz (Kurz), serta uji aktivitas antihiperurisemia pada mencit putih jantan telah dilakukan. Proses ekstraksi dilakukan dengan cara maserasi. Penentuan golongan senyawa dilakukan dengan berbagai reagen warna pada plat KLT. Pengukuran kadar asam urat dilakukan pada hari ke-8 setelah pemberian dosis harian homogenat hati ayam sebagai penginduksi asam urat bersamaan dengan suspensi ekstrak pada dosis 25, 50 dan 100 mg/kg dan allopurinol sebagai pembanding. Kadar asam urat serum mencit putih jantan diukur dengan menggunakan spektrofotometer. Hasil pengukuran memperlihatkan pemberian ekstrak rebung dengan dosis 25, 50 dan 100 mg/kgBB dapat menurunkan kadar asam urat mencit putih jantan dan berbeda secara signifkan dibandingkan dengan kontrol (p0,05). Penelitian ini menyimpulkan bahwa ekstrak rebung memiliki aktivitas antihiperurisemia.

Topics: Pharmacognosy; Pharmacology, bamboo shoots; Schizostachyum brachycladum; TLC analysis; uric acid; antihyperuricemia., Farmakognosi; Farmakologi, Schizostachyum brachycladum; TLC analysis; uric acid; antihyperuricemia.
Publisher: 'Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia - Sumatera Barat'
Year: 2017
DOI identifier: 10.29208/jsfk.2017.3.2.141
OAI identifier:

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