Effects of Macronutrients on Cardiovascular Responses in Type 2 Diabetics and Healthy Subjects


Introduction: It is felt that there is an information void regarding the effect of macronutrients on cardiovascular responses such as cardiac output,heart rate,stroke volume,systolic blood pressure,diastolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure, therefore, this study was designed to explore these effects at Shaheed Beheshti University in 2001. Materials & Methods: This clinical trial was carried out on 10 healthy subjects and 15 type 2 diabetics. Cardiovascular responses defined before and 15,30,60,90 and 120 minutes after the intake of wheat starch,sodium caseinat and olive oil. The calorie level was 10 kcal per kg of ideal body weight. Statistical analyses were done by analysis of variance with repeated measures, independent - t test and dependent- t test. Results : The age of healthy subjects (4 women ,6men)was 36.6±5.8(mean±SD)yr,body mass index was 24±1.2Kg/m² , age for the type 2 diabetics (4 women ,11men)was 38.9±5.2(mean ±SD )yr , body mass index was 24±1.6Kg/m². In healthy subjects, macronutrients caused marked and gradually developing postprandial increases in cardiac output, while in type 2 diabetics,cardiac output had no changes. In healthy subjects, systolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure rose after the ingestion of macronutrients (P<0.05). In type 2 diabetics after the ingestion of macronutrients there was a fall in systolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure(P<0.05).In both groups, diastolic blood pressure showed no changes . Conclusion: There were considerable differences in the speed of development and the pattern of the cardiovascular responses between type 2 diabetics and healthy subjects (P<0.05).Finally we conclude that diabetes in the early stages probably involves the cardiovascular system

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