Focal adhesion quantification - A new assay of material biocompatibility? : Review


The development of novel synthetic biomaterials is necessitated by the increasing demand for accelerated healing of tissues following surgical intervention. Strict testing of such materials is necessary before application. Currently, before any material can be marketed, approval by regulatory organisations such as the FDA is required. Presently, in vitro testing is performed as a prerequisite to in vivo evaluation. The in vitro techniques currently employed do not reflect the progress in our understanding of extra and intra-cellular processes, with far more sensitive in vitro evaluations now available. Obtaining quantifiable data is increasingly relevant to evaluating events occurring in vivo. Quantifying cell adhesion to surfaces provides some of this data as an initial assessment method. Major developments in this field are occurring but many investigators still use less than optimal methods for assessing biomaterials. The relevance of using cell adhesion assays to help determine biomaterial biocompatibility is reviewed. Additionally, current in vitro methods of evaluating biomaterials are discussed in the context of novel testing concepts developed by the authors

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