In terms of scientific research, we consider the need for an attempt to address both scientific and practical efficiency of the state apparatus. The issue of outsourcing seems to be most common in the field of microeconomics, because private firms are willing to maximize profits. On the other hand, the state seeks to minimize social risks in the first place, even though these often lead to improper functioning of the device. Fight for survival in an economic reality located in a changing requires constant adaptation to all those who live this reality. So far only those interested keeping pace with new demands remain in the market On the other hand, macroeconomic policy makers continue to show interest in minimizing "social" costs however would maximize these government spending. The paper will track how outsourcing would ensure a recovery in the national economy, use resources economically, efficiently could lead to a recovery of national economy, to a maximum income and expenses to minimize In other words the economic growth - the desire of any macroeconomic policy decider

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