Berberine Chloride and Hyperthermia Promote Osterix Expression and Suppress Cell Cycle Genes in Osteosarcoma Cells


Objectives: The aim of the current study was to investigate the effects of berberine chloride and various heat conditions on the gene expression of Osterix, RUNX-2, RANKL, CDK2, CDK4, IL-6 and IL-11. Methods:  Six groups of cells were treated with hyperthermia for 1 h: Two groups at mild, two at moderate and two at severe hyperthermia (39, 43 and 45°C respectively). Berberine chloride (80 µg/mL) was selected for treating one group of mild, moderate and severe hyperthermia (combination). All treated groups were recovered at 37°C for 24 h. Another exposure for hyperthermia (1 h) and recovery for 3 h at 37°C were applied. Results: The expression of Osterix was highly upregulated in all groups except in the severe hyperthermia and mild hyperthermia with berberine groups. Only the mild hyperthermia without berberine induced a slight increase in the expression of RUNX2, whereas severe hyperthermia alone suppressed the levels on a significant manner. Berberine alone was more effective in significantly up-regulating RANKL expression. On the other hand, CDK2 mRNA was downregulated in all groups. CDK4 showed a similar regulation in the mild hyperthermia group with control, but the expression was downregulated in the other groups, especially in severe hyperthermia the expression was significantly downregulated (p<0.5). IL-6 was upregulated highly and significantly in the group of berberine and all groups of combinations, whereas mild and moderate hyperthermia stimulated significant expression of IL-11 mRNA. Conclusion:  These results suggest that hyperthermia and berberine chloride can promote osteosarcoma cells differentiation and arrest cell-cycle

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