Clinical Evaluation of Enamel Matrix Derivative in the Treatment of Human Gingival Recession


Covering denuded root surface is an important part of periodontal therapy. The purpose of this study was to"nevaluate the clinical effect of Enamel Matrix derivative (EMD) with coronally advanced flap in root coverage. Twenty-one"npatients with twenty-seven Miller class I isolated buccal gingival recession were chosen. Fifteen teeth were treated with"nEMD as test group and twelve teeth with coronally flap as control group. Recession Depth (RD), Recession Width (RW),"nwidth of Keratinized Tissue (KT), were measured at baseline and 1, 3, and 6 months after treatment. Probing Pocket Depth"n(PPD) and Probing Attachment Level {PAL) were recorded at baseline, 3 and 6 months after operation. Two recession"ndefects were excluded from the test group."nRoot Coverage mean of 78% was gained in the test group and 52% in the control group. A statistically significant reduction in RD, RW, KT, and PAL was observed in the test group before and after treatment. Similar results were observed in the control group in RD, KT, and PAL. There was statistically significant difference between the test and the control group in RD, and PAL after treatment. It is concludedthat root coverage can be obtained by both procedures, but EMD with coronally advanced flap is more effectiv

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