This study was done at PT. KPL which produces plastic goods. In order to compete with other plastic goods manufacturers during the economic crisis, PT. KPL must be able to minimize production costs. One of the ways is to reduce raw materials cost. The results were obtained with production demand forecasting, using the Holt-Winter method; the Moving Average with Index Seasonal method; the Single Exponential Smoothing Method; the Double Exponential Smoothing method; and the Multiplicative Winter method. Based on economic order quantity, the minimum total inventory cost was obtained. Economic order quantity was entered into Material Requirement Planning (MRP). Relevant, accurate, and timely information is needed for planning and controlling raw material inventory. For that purpuse, a computerized conceptual information system for raw material inventory was designed. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Studi Kasus dilakukan pada PT. KPL yang bergerak dibidang pembuatan barang-barang plastik. Agar PT. KPL dapat bersaing dengan perusahaan sejenis dimasa krisis ekonomi. PT. KPL harus mampu menekan biaya produksi seminimal mungkin. Salah satu cara dengan menekan biaya persediaan bahan baku. Dari hasil penelitian diperoleh ramalan kebutuhan produk, yang diolah menggunakan metode: Holt Winter, Moving Average With Index Seasonal, Single Exponential Smoothing, Double Exponential Smoothing, Multiplicative Winter. Berdasarkan Economic Order Quantity dihasilkan total biaya persediaan yang minimum. Jumlah pemesanan yang ekonomis dimasukkan kedalam Material Requirement Planning (MRP). Informasi yang cepat, tepat, dan akurat diperlukan dalam merencanakan dan mengendalikan persediaan bahan baku. Untuk itu dirancang sistem informasi tersediaan bahan baku terkomputerisasi secara konsep. Kata kunci: ramalan kebutuhan produk, EOQ, MRP, sistem informas

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