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Ce doped SiO2 optical fibers for remote radiation sensing and measurement

By Norberto Chiodini, Anna Vedda, Mauro Fasoli, Federico Moretti, Alessandro Lauria, Marie Cantone Cantone, Ivan Veronese, Gaimpiero Tosi, Marco Brambilla, Barbara Cannillo, Eleonora Mones, Gilberto Brambilla and Marco Petrovich


Scintillating materials, able to efficiently operate the conversion of energy absorbed in the form of ionizing radiation into light in the visible UV interval, are presently used in a wide class of applications as medical imaging, industrial inspection, security controls and high energy physics detector. In the last few years we studied and developed a new radiation sensor based on silica-glass fiber-optic technology. In its simplest configuration such device is composed by a short portion (about 10 mm) of scintillating fiber coupled to a photomultiplier by a suitably long passive silica fiber.At the early stage of its market introduction it is the smallest radiation sensor, also with respect to MOSFET and diode technology and it appears to be the ideal choice for in vivo measurements in medical field or remote sensing

Topics: QC, TK
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