Fundamentals of the Thermohydrogravidynamic Theory of the Global Seismotectonic Activity of the Earth


The article presents the fundamentals of the cosmic geophysics (representing the deterministic thermohydrogravidynamic theory intended for earthquakes prediction) based on the author's generalized differential formulation of the first law of thermodynamics extending the classical Gibbs' formulation by taking into account (along with the classical infinitesimal change of heat δQ and the classical infinitesimal change of the internal energy dUτ) the infinitesimal increment of the macroscopic kinetic energy dKτ, the infinitesimal increment of the gravitational potential energy dπτ, the generalized expression for the infinitesimal work δAnp,∂τ done by the nonpotential terrestrial stress forces (determined by the symmetric stress tensor T) acting on the boundary of the continuum region τ, and the infinitesimal increment dG of energy due to the cosmic and terrestrial nonstationary energy gravitational influence on the continuum region τ during the infinitesimal time dt. Based on the established generalized differential formulation of the first law of thermodynamics, the author explains the founded cosmic energy gravitational genesis of the strong Chinese 2008 and the strong Japanese 2011 earthquakes

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