An autosome-wide search using longitudinal data for loci linked to type 2 diabetes progression


<p>Abstract</p> <p>A genome-wide screen was conducted for type 2 diabetes progression genes using measures of elevated fasting glucose levels as quantitative traits from the offspring enrolled in the Framingham Heart Study. We analyzed young (20–34 years) and old (≥ 35 years) subjects separately, using single-point and multipoint sibpair analysis, because of the possible differential impact of progression on the groups of interest. We observed significant linkage with change in fasting glucose levels on 1q25-32 (<it>p </it>= 5.21 × 10<sup>-8</sup>), 3p26.3-21.31 (<it>p </it>= 1 × 10<sup>-11</sup>), 8q23.1-24.13 (<it>p </it>= 2.94 × 10<sup>-6</sup>), 9p24.1-21.3 (<it>p </it>= 7 × 10<sup>-7</sup>), and 18p11.31-q22.1 (<it>p </it>< 10<sup>-11</sup>). The evidence for linkage on chromosomes 8 and 18 was consistent for the subset of study participants aged 43 through 55 years.</p

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