Geostrophic current patterns off the Egyptian Mediterranean coast


Using objectively analysed hydrographic data,currents have been calculated off the Egyptian Mediterraneancoast at the surface and at 30, 50, 75, 100, 200 and 300 mdepths for the four seasons.<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; The surface circulation is dominated by an anticyclonic circulationoff Salum Bay in winter, spring and summer. In nearshore areas,the current flows eastwards at the shallower levels but westwardsat the deeper levels.<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Off the Nile Delta, the current is almost eastward with a highervelocity in summer and autumn, while in spring it is very weak.Off the area between Port Said and Rafah, there is a clear cycloniccirculation appearing in all seasons except winter. At 50 and75 m depth, the velocity of the circulation is weak. At 100 m depth,the circulation that appeared between Matruh and Alamen in summer decreasesin area and magnitude at the former depths.<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; At 200 and 300 m in winter, the current velocity is quite low. Inspring the current flows southwards off the area between Rafahand Port Said. In summer, the current off the area between PortSaid and Rafah is quite strong and flows to the south. The situationin autumn is quite similar to that in summer, except in the easternarea, where the current is a westward one

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