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Dynamics of an impact oscillator near a degenerate graze

By D.R.J. Chillingworth


We give a complete analysis of low-velocity dynamics close to grazing<br/>for a generic one degree of freedom impact oscillator. <br/>This includes nondegenerate (quadratic) grazing and minimally<br/>degenerate (cubic) grazing, corresponding respectively to nondegenerate<br/>and degenerate chatter. We also describe the dynamics associated<br/>with generic one-parameter bifurcation at a more degenerate (quartic)<br/>graze, showing in particular how this gives rise to the often-observed<br/>highly convoluted structure in the stable manifolds of chattering orbits.<br/>The approach adopted is geometric, using methods from singularity theory

Topics: TJ, QA
Year: 2010
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Provided by: e-Prints Soton

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