Radiological Evaluation of Cystic Lesions Presenting as Painful Knee


Purpose: Painful knee is a common clinical scenario in any outpatient clinic. Although, the commonest cause of painful knee is blunt trauma, many non traumatic cystic lesions too present as painful knee. For appropriate management of these conditions, a correct diagnosis is required. Clinical examination alone is often not sufficient to reach the exact diagnosis in patients with underlying cystic lesions manifesting as painful knee. Here comes the role of imaging. This study was therefore undertaken to evaluate how imaging can help in pinpointing the exact cause of cystic lesion presenting as painful knee and therefore assist in proper management. Material and Methods: 50 consecutive patients with painful knee as the presenting complaint were radiologically evaluated for assessing how common are cystic lesions as the cause of knee pain. The findings were then noted in this descriptive study. Results: 26 patients were found to have an underlying cystic lesion as the cause of painful knee. Popliteal cyst was the commonest lesion and was seen in 12 cases. Suprapatellar bursitis as well as infrapatellar bursitis was seen in 3 cases each. Meniscal cyst was seen in 8 cases. Conclusion:Painful knee can be a presenting symptom of many cystic lesions of knee. Ultrasound can show the cystic abnormality, but it is only the Magnetic Resonance Imaging which can demonstrate the complete entity. [Cukurova Med J 2014; 39(3.000): 550-558

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