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Inhibition of Triacyleglycerol Secretion dependent on VLDL Fraction by α and β Adreno receptors Agonists in Rat Hepatocyte

By M.Rasooli and M.Zahraee


SummaryBackground and purpose: At hunge state liver is the main source of synthesizing and secretion of low Density Lipoprotein (KLDL). For this purpose triacyleglycerol, phospholipids, cholestrol and its esters must be added to newly synthesized Apo-B and secreted as a newly synthesized VLDL.VLDH metabolism is under hormonal and metabolic control, and stimulation of both ways is dependent on calcium. camp path way inhibits VLDL secretion from liver. In this research, stimulating effects of α and β adrenorgic on the secretion of triacyleglycerol in Rat Hepatocyte was determined.Materials and Methods: Hepatocyte was isolated from the rat liver by two- stage technique using calcium shaltor and collegenase. Lipids were assayed on the basis of extraction method and mass of triacyleglycerol by GPO-APA. Hepatocyte was incubated in kreb’s ringer solution with different drug Compounds for three hours.Results: Epinephrin inhibits secretion of triacyleglycerol in 85% and increases 18% of cellular component during three hours of incubation.Inhibitory effect of epinephrine emits the triacyleglycerol secretion in from phental amine and prazacin-But retained in from of prepra nololTriphloprazin removed the concentration dependent inhibitory effect of epinephrine, while teobramin had not significant effect. Triacyleglycerol Secretion was inhibited by α- agonist (phenyl ephting) and β- agonist (isopropranol) dibutirl cAMP inhibit triacyleglycerol in 30%. Epinephrine with propranolol increased cellular tryacyle content. The total triacyleglycerol system remained constant in presence and absence of epinephrine. Conclusion: The result shows that epinephrin inhibits the secretion of triaceyl glycerol via alpha adteno receftor, in spite of that, adernorgic stimulation via α- β agonist has similar effect. Protein kinase dependent on calcium – calmodolin takes part in the reduction regulation of VLDL secretion. The unusual effect of isoprotronole is related to two hypothesis (entry of calcium dependent to stores) were discussed. The inhibitory effect of epinephrine is probably through inhibition secretion path way

Topics: Adreno receptor, Epinephrin, Isoprotronole, Triacyleglycerol, VLDL, Medicine (General), R5-920, Medicine, R, DOAJ:Medicine (General), DOAJ:Health Sciences
Publisher: Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
Year: 2000
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