The objectives of this study were (1) to evaluate the appropriate bamboo species to be used as\ud raw material for cement board manufacturing and (2) to determine the best phase of C\ud O2 and the\ud most optimum of CO2 injection time to produce the best characteristics of cement board. For the\ud first objective, mixtures of bamboo culm particles, cement, and water on the ratio by weight of 1\ud : 2.5 : 1.25 were casted in iron plate mold of 25 x\ud 25 x 1 cm3, pressed and then hold for 24 hours\ud to obtain the targeted density of cement board samples of 1 g/cm3. Samples were cut in\ud accordance with the size of physical and mechanical testing of and then injected by CO2 in\ud liquid phase at 30 minutes of\ud curing time period. Samples of cement board were tested for\ud physical and mechanical properties according to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) A 5417\ud -\ud 1992.\ud For the second objective, the appropriate bamboo species used to make samples of cement board\ud in sim\ud ilar process with the first objective but with variation of CO2 in liquid, gas, and\ud supercritical phase and CO2 injection time of 10, 30, and 60 minutes. Results showed that\ud Gigantochloa atter\ud was the most appropriate bamboo species to be used as raw material for\ud cement board manufacturing and CO2 injection in liquid phase and in 60 minutes was the\ud optimum treatment to produce the best characteristics of cement board. Moisture content and\ud thickn\ud ess swelling of cement board met the requirement of JIS A 5417\ud -\ud 1992 standard, while\ud density, modulus of rupture, and modulus of elasticity did not meet the requirement of JIS A\ud 5417\ud -\ud 199

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