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Search for the lepton flavor violation processes <mml:math altimg="si1.gif" overflow="scroll" xmlns:xocs="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xmlns:ja="" xmlns:mml="" xmlns:tb="" xmlns:sb="" xmlns:ce="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:cals=""><mml:mi>J</mml:mi><mml:mo stretchy="false">/</mml:mo><mml:mi>ψ</mml:mi><mml:mo>→</mml:mo></mml:math> μτ and eτ

By M. Ablikim, J.Z. Bai, Y. Ban, J.G. Bian, X. Cai, J.F. Chang, H.F. Chen, H.S. Chen, H.X. Chen, J.C. Chen, Jin Chen, Jun Chen, M.L. Chen, Y.B. Chen, S.P. Chi, Y.P. Chu, X.Z. Cui, H.L. Dai, Y.S. Dai, Z.Y. Deng, L.Y. Dong, S.X. Du, Z.Z. Du, J. Fang, S.S. Fang, C.D. Fu, H.Y. Fu, C.S. Gao, Y.N. Gao, M.Y. Gong, W.X. Gong, S.D. Gu, Y.N. Guo, Y.Q. Guo, Z.J. Guo, F.A. Harris, K.L. He, M. He, X. He, Y.K. Heng, H.M. Hu, T. Hu, G.S. Huang, L. Huang, X.P. Huang, X.B. Ji, Q.Y. Jia, C.H. Jiang, X.S. Jiang, D.P. Jin, S. Jin, Y. Jin, Y.F. Lai, F. Li, G. Li, H.H. Li, J. Li, J.C. Li, Q.J. Li, R.B. Li, R.Y. Li, S.M. Li, W.G. Li, X.L. Li, X.Q. Li, X.S. Li, Y.F. Liang, H.B. Liao, C.X. Liu, F. Liu, Fang Liu, H.M. Liu, J.B. Liu, J.P. Liu, R.G. Liu, Z.A. Liu, Z.X. Liu, F. Lu, G.R. Lu, J.G. Lu, C.L. Luo, X.L. Luo, F.C. Ma, J.M. Ma, L.L. Ma, Q.M. Ma, X.Y. Ma, Z.P. Mao, X.H. Mo, J. Nie, Z.D. Nie, S.L. Olsen, H.P. Peng, N.D. Qi, C.D. Qian, H. Qin, J.F. Qiu, Z.Y. Ren, G. Rong, L.Y. Shan, L. Shang, D.L. Shen, X.Y. Shen, H.Y. Sheng, F. Shi, X. Shi, H.S. Sun, S.S. Sun, Y.Z. Sun, Z.J. Sun, X. Tang, N. Tao, Y.R. Tian, G.L. Tong, G.S. Varner, D.Y. Wang, J.Z. Wang, K. Wang, L. Wang, L.S. Wang, M. Wang, P. Wang, P.L. Wang, S.Z. Wang, W.F. Wang, Y.F. Wang, Zhe Wang, Z. Wang, Zheng Wang, Z.Y. Wang, C.L. Wei, D.H. Wei, N. Wu, Y.M. Wu, X.M. Xia, X.X. Xie, B. Xin, G.F. Xu, H. Xu, Y. Xu, S.T. Xue, M.L. Yan, F. Yang, H.X. Yang, J. Yang, S.D. Yang, Y.X. Yang, M. Ye, M.H. Ye, Y.X. Ye, L.H. Yi, Z.Y. Yi, C.S. Yu, G.W. Yu, C.Z. Yuan, J.M. Yuan, Y. Yuan, Q. Yue, S.L. Zang, Yu Zeng, Y. Zeng, B.X. Zhang, B.Y. Zhang, C.C. Zhang, D.H. Zhang, H.Y. Zhang, J. Zhang, J.Y. Zhang, J.W. Zhang, L.S. Zhang, Q.J. Zhang, S.Q. Zhang, X.M. Zhang, X.Y. Zhang, Y.J. Zhang, Y.Y. Zhang, Yiyun Zhang, Z.P. Zhang, Z.Q. Zhang, D.X. Zhao, J.B. Zhao, J.W. Zhao, M.G. Zhao, P.P. Zhao, W.R. Zhao, X.J. Zhao, Y.B. Zhao, Z.G. Zhao, H.Q. Zheng, J.P. Zheng, L.S. Zheng, Z.P. Zheng, X.C. Zhong, B.Q. Zhou, G.M. Zhou, L. Zhou, N.F. Zhou, K.J. Zhu, Q.M. Zhu, Y.C. Zhu, Y.S. Zhu, Yingchun Zhu, Z.A. Zhu, B.A. Zhuang and B.S. Zou
Publisher: Elsevier BV
Year: 2004
DOI identifier: 10.1016/j.physletb.2004.08.005
OAI identifier:
Provided by: MUCC (Crossref)
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