Leading Effects in the Spectra of Λc\Lambda_c and Λˉc\bar{\Lambda}_c Produced in Σp\Sigma^-p, pp and πp\pi^-p Interactions


The spectra of leading and nonleading charmed baryons (Λc\Lambda_c and Λˉc\bar{\Lambda}_c) as well as the asymmetries between these spectra measured in ΣA\Sigma^-A, πA\pi^-A and pA collisions at pL=600GeV/cp_L= 600 GeV/c in the E781 experiment are simultaneously described within the framework of Quark-Gluon String Model (QGSM). It is shown that the charmed baryon spectra can be fitted by QGSM curves calculated with the parameter of diquark fragmentation, a_f=0.006. It was obtained in this experiment that the asymmetry between the spectra of charmed baryons and antibaryons in pion beam interactions is of nonzero value, what might be described in our model only under an assumption of the transfer of string junction from target proton into the kinematical region of pion projectile fragmentation

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