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Sneutrino-Antisneutrino Mixing and Neutrino Mass in Anomaly--mediated Supersymmetry Breaking Scenario

By K Choi, K Hwang and W Y Song


In supersymmetric models with nonzero Majorana neutrino mass, the sneutrino and antisneutrino mix, which may lead to same sign dilepton signals in future collider experiments. We point out that the anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking scenario has a good potential to provide an observable rate of such signals for the neutrino masses suggested by the atmospheric and solar neutrino oscillations. The sneutrino mixing rate is naturally enhanced by m_{3/2}/m_{\tilde{\nu}}={\cal O}(4\pi/\alpha) while the sneutrino decay rate is small enough on a sizable portion of the parameter space. We point out also that the sneutrino-antisneutrino mixing can provide much stronger information on some combinations of the neutrino masses and mixing angles than neutrino experiments

Topics: Particle Physics - Phenomenology
Year: 2001
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