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The Euclid space-time diagram of the theory of relativity

By W. LiMing


A conventional space-time diagram is $r-ct$ one, which satisfies the Minkowski geometry. This geometry conflict the intuition from the Euclid geometry. In this work an Euclid space-time diagram is proposed to describe relativistic world lines with an exact Euclid geometry. The relativistic effects such as the dilation of moving clocks, the contraction of moving length, and the twin paradox can be geometrically expressed in the Euclid space-time diagram. It is applied to the case of a satellite clock to correct the gravitational effect. It is found that this Euclid space-time diagram is much more intuitive than the conventional space-time diagram.Comment: 3 pages, 5 figure

Topics: Physics - General Physics
Year: 2014
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