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Most irreducible representations of the 3-string braid group

By Lieven Le Bruyn


As the 3-string braid group B(3) and the modular group PSL(2,Z) are both of wild representation type one cannot expect a full classification of all their finite dimensional simple representations. Still, one can aim to describe 'most' irreducible representations by constructing for each d-dimensional irreducible component X of the variety iss(n,B(3)) classifying the isomorphism classes of semi-simple n-dimensional representations of B(3) an explicit minimal etale rational map A^d --> X having a Zariski dense image. Such rational dense parametrizations were obtained for all components when n < 12 in \cite{arXiv:1003.1610v1}. The aim of the present paper is to establish such parametrizations for all finite dimensions n

Topics: Mathematics - Rings and Algebras, Mathematics - Representation Theory
Year: 2013
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